Campbell County

NOTICE The AQD has completed its image and ambient air and meteorological data collection at the Campbell County Station after fifteen (15) years of study. The Campbell County Station will be decommissioned in May 2018. Historical reports and validated data for the Campbell County Station are available in the Data section of WyVisNet ( Equipment from this station will be moved to a new location in eastern Johnson County immediately thereafter. Eastern Johnson County was selected for ambient monitoring and scene observation based on the AQD’s 2015 Network Assessment. Please continue to visit WyVisNet ( for near-real time ambient monitoring data in eastern Johnson County and other locations throughout Wyoming.
Air Quality Information
1 Hour Average
39 ppb
8 Hour Rolling Average
44 ppb
Nitrogen Dioxide
1 Hour Average
2 ppb
Particulate Matter PM10
24 Hour Rolling Average
18 µg/m 3
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Temperature 39 o F
Relative Humidity 83 %
Wind Speed 14 mph
Wind Direction SE
Ideal Conditions
Quick Facts

  • The Campbell County Monitoring Station began operations in June 2003.
  • The monitoring objective of the Campbell County Station is used to track air quality and meteorological data in an area of heavy coal-bed methane gas development.
  • Monitoring site communications occur via satellite for this station.

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