NOTICE Particulate matter concentrations have returned to ambient levels as the Britania Mountain Wildfire is mostly contained. Therefore, the Wyoming DEQ-Air Quality Division will remove the mobile BAM station from Wheatland and site the station in the town of Saratoga within the next month.
Air Quality Information
Particulate Matter PM10
24 Hour Rolling Average
18 µg/m 3
Particulate Matter PM2.5
24 Hour Rolling Average
7 µg/m 3
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Temperature 52 o F
Wind Speed 3 mph
Wind Direction SSW
Ideal Conditions
Quick Facts

  • The Wheatland BAM station began operation in February 2017.
  • The monitoring objective for the Wheatland BAM station is to monitor particulate matter in a residential area that may be impacted by agricultural activities.
  • Mobile monitoring stations are deployed to gather air quality and meteorological data for at least one (1) year.

Last Updated on 9/22/2018 8:58:38 AM