Paradise Road Mobile

This station is not sited in ambient air. Data collected by this station are not used to compare with the NAAQS and are for research and informational purposes only.
Air Quality Information
1 Hour Average
43 ppb
8 Hour Rolling Average
38 ppb
Nitrogen Dioxide
1 Hour Average
1 ppb
Particulate Matter PM10
24 Hour Rolling Average
8 µg/m 3
Particulate Matter PM2.5
24 Hour Rolling Average
3 µg/m 3
Sulfur Dioxide
0 ppb
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Temperature 61 o F
Relative Humidity 25 %
Wind Speed 4 mph
Wind Direction NE
Yesterday's Precipitation 0.01 in
Ideal Conditions
Quick Facts

  • The Paradise Road Mobile Monitor began operating in October 2019.
  • The monitoring objective of the Paradise Road Monitor is to characterize ozone precursor emissions in an area of oil and gas development upwind of the Boulder monitoring station.
  • The Paradise Road Monitor is part of the Air Quality Division’s mobile monitoring fleet. The fleet consists of three (3) mobile monitoring stations which operate at chosen locations for approximately one year.

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