NOTICE The ozone parameters at this station have been disabled. It's likely that there is an issue with the pump in the analyzer. The Wyoming DEQ-Air Quality Division and its contractor are investigating this problem. This message will be removed, and the parameters will be enabled for public viewing when it is verified that the problem has been resolved.
Air Quality Information
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Temperature 54 o F
Relative Humidity 31 %
Wind Speed 11 mph
Wind Direction N
Yesterday's Precipitation 0.00 in
Ideal Conditions
Quick Facts

  • The Hiawatha station first started monitoring in April 2011.
  • The monitoring objective for the Hiawatha station is to monitor air quality and meteorological data in an area of heavy oil and natural gas development.
  • Hiawatha station has a solar array consists of 9 panels which total 2,250 watts, a 400 watt wind turbine provides additional power when there is little or no sun, and a 24 volt, 1,375 Amp/Hour storage batteries weigh in at 2,200 pounds allowing the station to be completely off the power grid.

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