South Pass

Air Quality Information
1 Hour Average
48 ppb
8 Hour Rolling Average
58 ppb
Nitrogen Dioxide
1 Hour Average
0 ppb
Particulate Matter PM2.5
24 Hour Rolling Average
29 µg/m 3
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Temperature 42 o F
Relative Humidity 35 %
Wind Speed 6 mph
Wind Direction N
Yesterday's Precipitation 0.00 in
Ideal Conditions
Quick Facts

  • The South Pass station began monitoring in May 2006.
  • The monitoring objective for the South Pass station is to monitor background air quality and meteorological data in an area which sees air masses from both the Upper Green River Basin to the northwest and from the southwestern corner of the State.
  • The South Pass Station is the highest State run monitoring station in Wyoming, at an elevation of 2,526 meters (8,287 feet).

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